Pin type bead mill


Industry Category: Machinery/Machine-Tools/Grinding-Machine
Product Category:
Spec: EDW

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ELE Pin type bead mill is high energy & energy concentrated wet grinding mill.

ELE Pin type bead mill is Suitable for products with high viscosity, high solid content & high refining requirements, for continuous or circulating process operations.

EDW Pin type bead mill adopt unique large area tubular reseau centrifugal separator, precise separation & smooth discharging, solve the problems of slow discharging speed and blocking of grinding medium. It can use ultrafine grinding medium. At the smallest 0.05 discharging sieve can be applied.


● Special Pin type contracture will pass higher power to the grinding beads,

● High Filling rate of grinding beads, more hit, more shearing force to the products, break down the particle size more quickly.

● Final particle size is narrow distributed.

● ELE-NET0.05 discharging sieve is designed for superfine material, to ensure of large flow rate, and microbeads can be used at the same time;



Pin type horizontal bead mill is suitable for 2microns, 1microns or even below 1microns, nanometers, like 50nm, 100nm, 200nm…etc


Coating: Water-based coating, Solvent-based coating,Decorative Coating,Latex paint;

Paint: Car Paint, Finish paint, Wood paint, Industrial paint;

Ink:Gravure Printing ink, Flexographic ink, Offset printing ink, Silk screen ink, UV light solid ink, Digital inkjet ink etc;

Pigment: Dye, Color painted pigment, Pen liquid,Watercolor;

Electronic Materials: Battery diaphragm alumina, Lithium iron phosphate, Ceramic slurry, Flame retardant;

Food Industry: Chocolate Syrup, Paste etc;

Pesticide: Pesticide suspension, EC, EW, ME;

Daily Chemical Industry: Cosmetics, Liquid soap, Shower gel, Liquid detergent etc;

Industry Category Machinery/Machine-Tools/Grinding-Machine
Product Category
Spec: EDW